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Denplan Excel Reaccreditation 1st July 2021
Site last updated: 23rd May 2022
BDA Good Practice
We have renewed our membership to the BDA Good Practice Scheme on 27th April 2021
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Oak House Dental Practice  -  Price Guide effective March 2022
You will receive your own individual, personalised printed treatment quotation following your consultation
* Please note that with support from Denplan & our management, we will not add any PPE Surcharges to your appointments, despite a 6000% increase in PPE costs *

Free Children

Denplan Care
from just 47p / day
All Care plans include:
1)  ALL the benefits of Denplan Essentials Plans
2) Routine 6-monthly Exams & Hygienist visits as required
2) ALL Routine & Emergency Dental Treatment is included
   (Fillings / extractions / hygienist etc)***
*** Excludes laboratory expenses, cosmetic work & specialist referrals

from just 27p / day
All Essentials plans include:
1) A minimum of 20% discount on treatment charges**
2) Free 24 hour help-line
3) Out of hours emergency (Out-Of-Hours Fee Included*)
4) Discounts for multiple plans from one direct debit
5) Oral cancer cover*
6) Outside impact on teeth, crowns, veneers & dentures up to £10,000 per incident*
7) Overseas temporary emergency treatment*
*when optional insurance is taken out            **10% discount for additional hygienist visits

Treatment Item
# denotes temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19
Private Fee Guide
with Denplan Essentials
a minimum 20% discount* on private fees
(* excludes additional hygienist visits)
with Denplan Care
New Patient Consultation
(includes all necessary X-Rays)
£80 currently £60
Routine Dental Examination
Small Digital X-Ray (each)
Large X-Ray (OPT)
Dentist Scale (with Examination)
Hygienist Visit (30 minutes)
Included (with B, C, D)
else £45 (10% discount)
 # Air Flow Polish (only with de-scale)
Small Composite Restoration from
Large White Blended Composite Restoration from
Small White Blended Composite Restoration from
Root Canal Treatment (Incisor) from
Root Canal Treatment (Pre-Molar) from
Root Canal Treatment (Molar) from
* Specialist Referral is Highly Recommended *
Extraction from
Crown from
£340£275Laboratory Fee Only
Veneer from
£325£260Laboratory Fee Only
Acrylic Denture from
£250£200Laboratory Fee Only
Cobalt Chrome Denture from
£595£476 Laboratory Fee Only
Zoom At-Home Tooth Whitening
(including Suitability Assessment & Clean)
Zoom In-Surgery Tooth Whitening
(including Suitability Assessment & Hygienist with Top-Up)
Oral B WhiteStrips (per pack)
(including Suitability Assessment & Clean)
Emergency Visit normal hours
(includes Emergency Treatment)
Out-Of-Hours Emergency Visit
(includes Emergency Treatment)
(£250 after 10pm)
£20 excess
(with Insurance Option)
(with Insurance Option)
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