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3Shape Intra-Oral Scanner

Digital X-Rays
  • These offer a remarkably reduced exposure to radiation, to improve patient safety
  • The results are available almost immediately, reducing the waiting time
  • Better image quality, aids in a more accurate diagnosis

Digital Intra-Oral Camera
  • Enables us to take digital images / photos of the inside of the mouth, including teeth/gums and soft tissues
  • We can magnify these images to help provide a better understanding of your oral health
  • We can demonstrate & show you where treatment / intervention is required

Adhesive Technology
  • We use the latest adhesive technology to provide the highest quality restorations for your teeth
  • This allows a more minimal preparation approach, preserving more tooth structure
  • Helps to restore the integrity & improve the aesthetics of the tooth
  • Can be used to improve the shape & colour of front teeth, without the need for drilling or anaesthetics

Dedicated Decontamination Facility
  • Patients can have the peace of mind, that all of our dental instruments are processed in our dedicated decontamination facility
  • lnstruments are processed using the latest decontamination regimes, away from patient and clinical areas
Fully Computerised
  • We are a fully computerised practice
  • This enables us to provide an efficient appointment reminder system, via text, email or both
  • Our Patient Portal allows you complete any paperwork updates in advance of your visit (eg. Medical History)

Rotary Endodontics
  • For root canal treatment that we undertake, we use rotary endodontics for the accurate cleaning and shaping of the root canal system
  • This has many advantages over conventional "hand files"
      • More flexible files, allowing improved negotiation of curved canals & greater precision
      • Faster canal preparation = Shorter surgery time
      • Tapered file system, allows for improved obturation (filling) of the root canal
      • The system detects when files have reached the tip of the root - improved accuracy
At Oak House we have recently celebrated our 20th Birthday. Opening in October 1998, as a new NHS Dental Practice, we cared for over 12, 000 NHS Dental patients over 10 years. Due to changes in NHS contracts, we left the NHS sector and joined Denplan in October 1999, to focus on our preventive patient care.
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